Jeffrey Wickenhauser

10 years teaching in China since 20 years old.

In 2002, just like many other young people, Jeff was enegetic and felt lost from time to time. With a friend’s invitation, Jeff set off to China with his teaching certificate. At this time, the only impression of China he had was from movies, everything else there was mysterious.

Those were thriving days in China. Everyone was eager to know things abroad, everyone wanted to learn English. Everyday after English class, Jeff would make friends with locals and other teachers from all over the world. Later on, he fell in love and married a Chinese co-teacher.

In 2012 when their son was 2 years old, they decided to move back to Canada and settle down in Moose Jaw, where Jeff was born and raised.

In class
With students
happy time after work
Local life
local life
Married a girl
Play with son


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