Doug Siggelkow

Adventures with faithfulness

The first time I was introduced to Mr Doug is the first time I went to Hill Crest Church. I said to myself: What a gentleman! His smill was full of wisedom, kindness, confidence and joyfulness. He must have experienced a wonderful and tremendous life.

Half year later I finally got a change to interview Doug face to face. I am still suprised to so many of his colorful adventures:

  • Pastoring in South Texas (And Mexico) when he was 28
  • Start learning Spanish in his 30’s
  • Move to Guatemala when he was 33(1980)
  • Pastoring in Latin America for more than 13 years
Minister Latin America

Ministering in Latin America in these days was full of really ADVENTURES. It was communist revolution day, gorilla squad roaming in city, explosions heard from time to time.

My beautiful picture

Traveling to/within central America is another way full of adventures. There’s one time when the church needed a bus and someone donated 2 buses and some vans in Canada, they have to drive that bus from Canada, passing US, Mexico into Guatemala.

Deliver bus and vans

Border customs over charge import tax, sometimes making modifications(Like removing the window) before passing border saves a lot money.

However, gospel DID changed lots of local people in their life style. They learned how to act as a husband, parents, so there’s less and less family violence. They learned how education changes their life quality so more and more children went to school. It was so successful that once a pastor in a poor area complained to Doug that he lost too many people, because they moved out of that area.

Mr Doug recorded all these adventures in his book: “Adventures experiencing God’s faithfulness”. If you want to know more of these stories, please check it from Amazon here


Life adventures make you smart. With rightrousness and faithfulness you became joyful and wise.

Mr Doug lives now in Moose Jaw. From time to time, he travels to central america to meet old friends.

Present family photo

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