About 1000MJ

Moose Jaw city may be small, but Moose Jaw people are great!

What’s 1000mj.ca?

This is a blog-like site, where you can find out about 1000 interesting people from Moose Jaw city, with their stories in photos.

Young or old, everyone here is just as ordinary as your neighbour, but they all did an extraordinary work, to help others or to make this world better.

Why 1000mj.ca?

If there’s anything in common with these 1000 stories, it is: NO ONE among these 1000 people meant to do a great job. No matter how hard the story started, if they believe they should do it and if it gave them joy, they just kept doing that.

Everyone is extraordinary. If you believe something could be meaningful, dont’ be scared to take the first step and keep doing it.

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